Getting home air conditioning installed is exciting. It is a big purchase that will keep you cool all summer and add resale value to your home. Regardless of which contractor you hire for the job though, you need to be at home during the home air conditioning installation. Here are four reasons why.

The Contractor Needs Access to Your Basement 

If you have a basement, and that is where your furnace and electric fuse box are located, then the contractor will need to access both of these. If you have a utility closet or crawl space where these items are located, then the contractor needs access to the utility closet. Either way, you have to be home to open up the house to these areas.

The Contractor Needs Access to Your Thermostat Too

Likewise, you will need to have your entire home open and available to the HVAC contractor. He or she needs to get to the thermostat to connect the control wires so that when you want to switch to "cool" your thermostat can signal the air conditioner to turn on. Since most thermostats are centrally located in a house, your home has to be open and a clear path made for the contractor to get to it.

If the Contractor Needs to Leave, Someone Should Be Home

In the event that the contractor is short a part, or needs to grab some additional components, someone should be home to secure the place. While the contractor could lock up and go get parts, he or she could not reenter your home upon returning if no one is there to let him/her inside. While this is rare, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Someone over the Age of Eighteen Needs to Sign the Work Order

Because there will be some light construction and electrical work going on, someone over the age of eighteen needs to sign the work order and the agreement to drill holes and run wires. Most HVAC contractors prefer that the homeowner, or one of two adults who own the home, be the one to sign these documents. No one under eighteen is allowed to sign, especially given the cost to install the air conditioning.

Take the Day Off

While it will probably only take half a day to install your unit, it is advisable to take the whole day off from your job. This allows for any unforeseen issues and resolutions that may take some extra time to resolve. If it takes less time to install, then you have some free time to yourself.