Just about every homeowner has heard about the importance of performing regular maintenance on their HVAC system or standalone air conditioner. But hearing about it and actually following through are two very different things. If you need a kick in the pants to finally go ahead and start scheduling a regular inspection for your air conditioning system, here are three key reasons that might help.

Your Energy Efficient System Won't Be Very Efficient Without Maintenance

Did you recently upgrade to a new energy-efficient air conditioning system? Well, good for you, but you need to know that without regular maintenance there will be nothing efficient about that system at all. In other words, the energy savings you were probably quoted by the salesman at the store will only become a reality if your air conditioner is functioning properly. If you never change the air filter or if you allow wear and tear to develop and go unchecked, you'll be hard pressed to gain any savings at all. A regular inspection makes sure your investment in energy efficiency will not go to waste.

Don't Void Your Warranty

Here's one you might not have heard: did you know that failing to perform maintenance on your air conditioner can actually void its warranty? The exact terms will vary by manufacturer, but go ahead and pull out your warranty booklet and take a look at the fine print. Many of the top air conditioner manufacturers include a clause that states that the warranty is only valid if the owner made an effort to get the product regularly serviced by a professional. In other words, the manufacturers know that an AC unit that goes without service is much more likely to break down, and they are not going to get caught holding the bill for your negligence.

Maintenance Can Be Budgeted, Major Repairs Are Usually Not

If you don't want to pay for an inspection because it costs money, look at it this way: you can at least budget a specific amount for the annual inspection and include it with the rest of your monthly bills. An inspection is a controlled expense, whereas a major repair is anything but. If you let your AC go without service, you could end up with a very large repair bill that will ruin your monthly budget. Expect to spend a little money now instead of dealing with a large unexpected expense later on.

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