Your range stove is where you cook just about everything. When this part of your stove stops working, it can be a nightmare to try and cook the most basic of things, including soup and noodles. If you are experiencing issues with your range, hopefully, it's something minor that you can repair yourself, although if you aren't able to figure it out on your own, you should call a professional repairman. Read on for tips to repair common issues with your range stovetop.

No Flame

If you are trying to turn on one of the flames on your stovetop and you cannot get a flame, but you can hear it clicking in an attempt to light, there are a few things that could be wrong. First, try lighting another one of the burners to see if it lights. If you can get the other burner to light, then try to turn on the original burner. If that didn't do anything, turn off all of the burners and try moving around the cap on the burner. Sometimes it can be turned and then block the flame from coming out. This can happen a lot if the cap was moved while cleaning. If you still don't have a flame, make sure your gas is turned on. If that doesn't work, then you could have an issue with the ignitor, which would require professional help.

Burners Are Loose

Depending on your stovetop type, your burners can get loose with time if the screws holding them in place are loose or they are missing. Turn the gas off to your stove and unplug it from the wall, then lift up the top of your stove and inspect the screws holding the burner in place. Tighten the screws holding the burners in place and replace any missing screws so the burner sits upright without any movement at all.

Knobs Won't Turn

Over time, grease and cooking oils can accumulate on just about every single surface surrounding your stovetop. If you don't clean these areas thoroughly enough, they can accumulate and cause issues. They can clog your burners and they can also create an issue with your knobs. If you aren't able to turn the knobs on your burner, they may be caked with grease, oil, or food debris. Remove the knobs completely from your stovetop and soak them in a sink full of dish detergent. Then wipe down the area on your stovetop. Replace the knobs after they are clean, then try to turn on your burners. If you still cannot move the knobs, it could be an internal issue. Call a professional for help with this repair.

If your range stops working, it can be difficult to cook for a while. Don't stress out over how to cook every single meal in the microwave; call a range repair company to get your range working again.